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a Sunrise in every town

I’ve long thought of making a point to have a sunrise shoot in every town in New Hampshire. Reading through a magazine I get “New Hampshire To-Do” they had printed an article about a group called Two-Thirty-Four Club. This group … Continue reading

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Introducing Shire Photojournalism on Facebook

After a long time of mixing my Shire Photography photos, landscapes, covered bridges, lighthouses, historical buildings, mountains, foliage, streams, etc with the photos I take as a liberty activist. . . I’ve decided to split the two to avoid redundancy … Continue reading

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Website Update: 11-7-2010

Finally!  I’ve been looking and reading and searching for a way, since there HAS to be one. . . to get my stupid website to come up without having to put in the ‘www’ at the beginning. It seems so … Continue reading

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Header Update: 11-6-2010

updated the header for the blog of Shire Photography.  This one is a bit different as it comes to you not from New Hampshire, but of Newburyport, Massachusetts. As some of my readers know, I grew up in Massachusetts.  My … Continue reading

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Living and Learning

So I chose to go ahead and give myself a present and learn something at the same time. Up until now, the largest prints I’ve done are 8×10’s in 11×14 frames. I decided to kick it up one more notch … Continue reading

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A “thank you” to those who have purchased my calendar

getting by in a tough economy is hard if you don’t have a lot of marketable skills.  I’m a rather new photographer having been in the game for less than 3 years.  At one time in my life I had … Continue reading

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My Nightmare or the Worst Job I Ever Had

I’m writing this installment to explain and get off my chest the worst experience that I’ve ever had at a job.  More to get it off of my mind before I forget the unusually shitty details about the week I … Continue reading

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Who profits from the 2011 Shire Calendar?

I’ve been asked to write a blog about how the $20.00 for the 2011 Shire Calendar is going to be distributed. I’m glad this question has come in, because it’s not only I that is going to benefit: 1) Postage … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: 5-2010 So you want to make some rootbeer?

Explit language within. After watching an episode of Modern Marvels on the History Channel concerning Soda and Soft Drinks, they did a great job explaining and clarifying what I tried to in the peice below. See more of my commentary … Continue reading

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9-18-10: Highland Games, Loon Mountain

I had the opportunity to attend the Highland Games, a Scottish tradition which is fun for all who enjoy learning about cultures of years ago. Bagpipes were everywhere. Men in kilts were everywhere. There was lamb being served and I … Continue reading

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