Website Update: 11-7-2010

Finally!  I’ve been looking and reading and searching for a way, since there HAS to be one. . . to get my stupid website to come up without having to put in the ‘www’ at the beginning.

It seems so simple, but has been quite a challenge getting someone to let me know how to do this.  I’ve asked some web people I’ve known, who have given me very complicated ideas which either didn’t work or made it so my site wasn’t able to be seen even when I put the ‘www’ at the beginning (which is no good).

All it took, in the end, was a forwarding option from my website provider.  So SIMPLE even a caveman (or a photographer who’s web design experience was top notch in 1995) can do it.

Forwarding “” to the website accomplished the goal!  Now, my users don’t have to type the ‘www’ and I don’t have to fear that they’re going to see some GoDaddy parked site screen.  Amen!

and check out for History, Americana, Life.

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