a Sunrise in every town

I’ve long thought of making a point to have a sunrise shoot in every town in New Hampshire. Reading through a magazine I get “New Hampshire To-Do” they had printed an article about a group called Two-Thirty-Four Club.

This group () is a small organization of which the founder doesn’t even know the total membership. The idea behind it is that a person must visit every town, and at least pass through it in a vehicle in order to gain membership. Membership is also on the honor system. A great idea, one that I think can go further for myself and Shire Photography.

I’ve visited all over New Hampshire. From Mount Washington to the sand in Hampton, from the Stark Bridge to Railroad Square in Keene. I’ve not, however, stopped in every town which I pass in order to take photos. That is the object of my new voyage.

The Shire Grand Photo Tour is the name I’ve come up with for the moment, for my project that will culminate in having a beautiful shot from every town in New Hampshire, including unincorporated areas. I plan on accompanying photography from each town with a short video series posted here and on YouTube showing what it is I found in each of these towns that have great visuals of Americana and the spirit of the Shire.

You can join me. Stay tuned to ShirePhotography.wordpress.com for regular episodes where I show you what New Hampshire has to offer those who care to visit. After my project is completed I will create an exhibit of my photography, my thoughts, my videos, my blogs, and others who have found what caught their eye in each of these towns.

New Hampshire has what other states lack, and I’m out to show you what those things are. Keep reading, keep shooting.


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