Introducing Shire Photojournalism on Facebook

After a long time of mixing my Shire Photography photos, landscapes, covered bridges, lighthouses, historical buildings, mountains, foliage, streams, etc with the photos I take as a liberty activist. . . I’ve decided to split the two to avoid redundancy and confusion as to who is actually making these photos.

I regularly attend pro-liberty events in New Hampshire.  I’ve explained before that I moved as part of the Free State Project, and as a mover I’ve chosen to use my photography as my activism of choice.  I feel that everyone has something that they can share with others and push towards true freedom in America.  .  my something happens to be whatever is in front of my lens.

So I split Shire Photography and my new foundation called Shire Photojournalism.  For now, Shi-Jo will be a facebook related entity.  It allows me to tag fellow liberty lovers, opens up the photos for others to use in their endeavors, and allows for gallery settings to make new galleries everytime I go out for a shoot.

Splitting these two takes the NH liberty stuff that has become so cluttered in with what I do for my chosen profession.  It has also allowed me to keep my landscape and portrait photography set so that people can view and purchase it, while allowing my photojournalism to be open and free for any person who chooses to use at their discretion.

Of course, any credit given to Shire Photography, Shire Journalism, or myself is much appreciated.  I am open to other photographers using the page to also put up their own photos relating to Liberty in New Hampshire.  If you’re on facebook, become a fan and “like” the page today!  Share it with your friends too!

Shire Photojournalism on Facebook

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