Who profits from the 2011 Shire Calendar?

I’ve been asked to write a blog about how the $20.00 for the 2011 Shire Calendar is going to be distributed. I’m glad this question has come in, because it’s not only I that is going to benefit:

1) Postage and handling is included. Most places are charing extra nowadays to ship, I include it in the price.
2) Paypal takes its charges for using its service if you pay through that method.
3) Vistaprint.com is a site that produces great quality products. A small company that has reached its point by perseverance.
4) I take a humble portion for re-investment into my company. I plan on using some of the profit to create Greeting Card stands, pay for the creation of a 2011 Covered Bridge calendar, and perhaps ordering some high quality frames from LibertyPictureFrames.com

5) and lastly, a portion of this first run is going to be a donation from you to others. I have chosen to take a humble portion and donate it to one of three organizations pushing for more liberty in New Hampshire. These are good people doing good work that is vastly underfunded for the goals they wish to accomplish. Everyone who orders the first run of these calendars will be making a donation to one of these liberty groups of their choice:

– New Hampshire Liberty Alliance: NHLiberty.org: an organization that focuses on electing the right people in New Hampshire, those that won’t remove freedoms from you but will stand up to help protect them. Donate yourself and for more information go to NHliberty.org.

– Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund: A fund designed to help those that are taking an active stand against tyranny in the free state. The fund is run by Jason Talley of Talley.tv and features speakers such as Brad Jardis, former Epping Officer who works to inform others of the harms caused to good innocent peaceful activists by government authorities. Find out more at CDEvolution.org.

– Liberty Scholarship Fund: A small organization that works to help defray the costs of schooling children in New Hampshire without using the public option. This fund directly helps families struggling with everyday expenses, educating their children, and paying to educate children of families that choose to send their kids to the public schools. Check out their mission statement at LSFund.org

visit http://www.shirephotography.com and move to the bottom of the page and click the donate button. You’ll be helping a local artist, local industry, moving forward liberty organizations, and you’ll get my best work from the last year. In a tough economy like this, your $20 goes a lot further than it would with a crappy wal-mart calendar for $3. Thank you for your readership and for those that have already purchased a calendar, my sincere thank you!

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