9-2-10: Bath, New Hampshire

I had the thought last night about heading somewhere to get some good shots of covered bridges, again. I have a facination with them. Today was my most favorite day out getting covered bridge shots since my first one, the day I found my home in New Hampshire. Bath was the obvious place for me this morning. I saw it had three covered bridges in town, and one of them is the oldest covered bridge in America. Not only that. . the oldest functioning general store in the United States, the Brick Store.

The first bridge I came to at 6:30am was the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge which is the oldest covered bridge in the United States. It was only closed to the public in 1999, and the smell of it was like an old barn. I got some really great shots from this bridge, and even the surrounding area (as you can see at the top of this post)

Swiftwater Bridge was really cool not just because of the age of the bridge, but the really cool waterfall closeby. Climbing the rocks reminded me of being at Ordione State Park on the seacoast. I gave a try slowing the shutter speed in order to make the water flowwww. A few attempts later was the one above, I like it, but I need more practice.

also got some artsy type photos. In the above photo I loved the cornfield and the apple tree, so I pointed up, flipped up the flash, and took a shot. It really reflected the appletree nicely, with the spectacular red/yellow mixed apples. Unfortunately, this was my final shot of the day because batteries ran out. I was happy when after recharging I saw the great photos I had taken. Very happy with them and the trip. Check out the “Covered Bridges” and “Fall in the Shire” galleries at www.Shirephotography.com

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