Informing you about the Informal U!

Have you ever said you were going to go back to school? Ever see a commercial on television and it helps remind you about how you wanted to take a class on that subject? School costs too much money, is so rigid in its rules, and the subjects you want to learn about are most commonly not available, or only available to those going into that profession.

So you wait, and sit on it. You pay some bills, get some money in the savings. Still, there’s that thing you really want to learn more about and it digs at you. Learning never ends in this life, and the more you wait on what you want to do the more it can bring you down. Soon, all other things become bland and shallow. You just wish someone would offer you the experiences and expertise that they have in an environment that won’t make you feel like a tortured student waiting for the bell again.

Let me introduce you to, the Informal University

Offering among their classes: Introduction to Computer Theory, Alternative Ed, Homebrewing, Wine Appreciation, Home Defense, Container Gardening, Early American History, Intro to the Sword, even the Fundamentals of Poker!

You can even get Attorney Lance Weber to answer those crazy legal questions you’ve had on your mind. Sounds like a class like that can get quite interesting!

There are so many classes! Times of classes are all over the map, but some are at night, perfect for those busy parents who can trade off one night for another with their spouses. People who work all day can spend some evening time relaxing by immersing themselves in a subject you actually care about!

So far, the highest amount I’ve seen for a class is $75! Lots of classes are below even that. Compare that to your local community college. I remember having to pay over $200 per credit, with most classes starting at 3 credits. Last I was in a formal U, there was no class for “Faking it on the Dance Floor” or “The Pickup Arts”. . . . boy do I wish there had been. It’s located in Hooksett, New Hampshire. . . easy to get to from Manchester, Concord, Lakes, and elsewhere!

It’s never too late to learn! Check out the Informal University and sign up now!

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