Liberty On Tour

I wanted today to draw your attention to a couple of guys who are going across the country to spread the message of liberty to many other folks.

Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller are two hardcore liberty activists who moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project earlier this last year and have been powerhouses spreading liberty knowledge with their last project Motorhome Diaries: The Search for Freedom in America (along with Jason Talley, director of the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund).

Along with M.A.R.V. (Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle) their companion motorhome, Pete and Adam are venturing out across the country again. New places, old friends, and a lot of stories portraying the nationwide liberty movement.

These guys are spreading the word of real change. The change they’re looking for is an end to the coercive means the government uses to control others and harm innocent people. This isn’t your Tea-Party, this is a greater message than Obama Sucks! Their message is that of a voluntary society, one that focuses less on using force to get your way in the world, and instead opts to help others choose to use non-violent means to get their dreams accomplished. The only principled way, is through voluntary interactions and contracts with others. Thankfully, these contracts between individuals require no government assistance.

If you love liberty like I do, won’t you consider helping them out with a donation of a few bucks or more? It takes $ to spread the message across the country (and to refuel M.A.R.V). . . check out their new project: Liberty On Tour!

check out their introduction video on Youtube

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