It’s good to be the king.

In an earlier blog Photography Social Networking I expressed my frustration over a certain photography social networking site, and more specifically a certain group had been changed and watered down to accomodate multiple New England states in a group that started only being part of New Hampshire.

Well things, they have changed.

I logged on yesterday and saw some changes. The original host of the New Hampshire group had cleaned house. He started the group as a landscapes and landmarks group, yet it had turned into a group that was featuring challenges based on macro photography, HDR techniques, and other non-landscape items. While it was good natured, it was turning into a hostile takeover. The original owner removed the offending hosts that were rallying to remove him and returned the group to a landscape based, New Hampshire focused one.

In my last blog I mentioned attempting to start a new group for only New Hampshire photos. I had previously thought I was snubbed and that this social networking site was going to be devoid of allowing New Hampshire based photos. After the good news about the original group being reset. . . now I have my own group doing the same thing. . .

but not exactly. The original New Hampshire group is now going to be focused on only landscapes and landmarks, and has a set limit of 10 photos allowed. I decided that my group would be more open, more fun, and less focused towards clients and more about just showing off your stuff to each other.

I feel that now I can reveal the identity of the social networking site, now that they’re back in my good graces. I can also invite you to join redbubble, and join my group to share your own photos from the Shire! New Hampshire: Life in the Shire

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