PSA: How to avoid getting “Candlelight Vigil’d”

Some of the members of the Free State Project have been engaging in acts of sheer intimidation. They arrive at certain points and draw their weapons. In these cases, their weapon has been such a vile and dangerous contraption that the sight of it instills fear in all those who gaze upon it.

the candle. Sometimes with a wax covered paper cup. The candle has been used to symbolically show mass numbers of people at night. If you’re on the receiving end of one of these ‘candlelight vigils’ remember, there are steps you can take to end this extremely hostile situation.

1) Exit your home
2) Ask for the person or persons attention
3) Explain how you have done something very wrong in the past, and choose to change your ways.
4) Ask forgiveness to those who you have harmed
5) Promise to discontinue harming peaceful people in the future
6) Reenter your home, enjoy your evening. You will see that the candlelight vigils will end.

Moreto the point, to avoid having one of these dangerous candlelight vigils at your home in the first place, it’s quite easy. Some of the steps are different for different persons in positions of power. Choose the path most applicable to you.

Police Officers (also incorrectly known as Peace Officers):
1) Don’t harm nor bother peaceful people who are harming no one.
2) Remind others that harming peaceful people is wrong.

1) When confronted with a captured peaceful person, set them free immediately.
2) Do not lock peaceful people in cages, nor steal from them at the threat of force.

I’m quite sure if you follow the basic rules outlined here, you will find that peaceful people will not assemble outside of your home with dangerous candles. You will also get that feeling of inner good, where you know you don’t hurt people who have done nothing to anyone else. It’s a great feeling! Give it a try next time you’re able!

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