spOILed campaign?

I had joined this group on facebook, whose pledge was to raise awareness of the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. I guess their idea of ‘raising awareness’ was to have a bunch of F list celebrities put on some white t-shirts and play in the oil.

I don’t call that awareness, I call that really stupid. As one commenter put it, “a mockery of the atrocities happening on American shorelines”

couldn’t have said it any better. To me, it looks like a photographer looking to make a name for himself by taking creative pictures of people playing with puddles of oil. I look at those photos and see nothing but a dumb idea.

Why not show us the photos that matter? Go down to the Gulf and actually take photos of some of the animals effected by the oil. Why not take some pictures in places where they don’t want you to be? Give your viewers a good reason to get behind your project.

But there’s no good reason to get behind the spOILed project. . . except if you’re making coin off of it by getting idiots to tell you how great your photos are of nobodies swabbing oil all over their hands and shirts.

Get a life people, for real.

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