7-18-10: The Freetown of Grafton

after dropping the miss’ off at work, I decided to take a drive and find some new places for shots.  After an hour of aimlessly driving around I found an interesting street in Warner, NH called Couchtown Road.  I travelled down the road to find that it turned into a dirt road.  No problem I do this all the time. . .I am a professional.  This dirt road, which was somewhat taken care of turned quickly into what the NH DOT calls a “class 6” road.  This means, it’s not taken care of and nature is being allowed to take it back.  Unfortunate, at least for the car and my time.  After travelling 4 miles at 10 mph through the bush, I came upon a sign that told me I was no longer in Warner, but now in Salisbury, NH. 

So why not go visit the Hoyt Farm?  I took a short drive through Andover and Wilmot and came to the mecca, the one place where you can live somewhat free. . . Grafton, NH.  The clouds were wonderful, the sky was blue, and the farm was looking better than ever.  I stayed and enjoyed shooting the breeze with my friends at the farm.  I took some pictures while I was there, of the ancient farmland, brooks, and pastures that are now part of the estate.

Right now, an event called “Burning Porcupine” is happening, and will be until the end of the week.  Peaceful people congregate in Grafton, looking to improve their numbers against the status quo types, you know, the ones who favor harming peaceful people in some veiled attempt to continue life as they see fit.  Between certain areas of Grafton, Hoyt Farm, Mancave, Agorist Acres, and the Grafton Gulch (along with John’s Peaceful Evolution Church) things are continuing to look up for freedom in the Granite state!


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