What do you think? 4 Season or Summer all year?

I decided to create a calendar to help benefit myself and some of my friends’ organizations in the Shire.  I am making the typical 12 month calendar with a photo from my library for each month.

I was speaking to a fellow on FreeKeene.com who was interested.  He asked if I was going to keep the months accurate with the photograph, ie- you will see something snowy in January and something warm and toasty in August.  I had figured as much, because of New Hampshire’s great gift of 4 distinct seasons. 

Some would say, is there any other way?  Of course there is!  Some people have different mindsets about their work, and some people only go out photographing in certain times of the year.  Disability, inability, and sheer fear of winter might keep some of the photographers around the Shire nice and toasty inside.  Some people in my former group have even said that wintertime, is editing time.  Summertime, is the time to go out and take the pictures!  One person has even alluded that their own calendar had summertime photos placed on January and February on purpose!  Why?  He explained that it was because he felt that people in New Hampshire might want to see something warm and comforting while they have to sit in the cold and isolation of winter in New Hampshire. 

It’s an intersting point and thought.  I don’t think it’s really for me.  Especially because some of my best work comes when I’m out, freezing my ass off in the cold cold COLD bitterly cold weather.  I like that.  I like being alone, for miles, sitting in a snowstorm on the Kancamagus Highway waiting for that beautiful sunrise to occur. . . 

from the Kancamagus Highway in Lincoln, NH

 as you can see, winter shows off some great colors.  Sometimes when I leave my home in Tilton and drive the hour it takes to get to the Kanc, the weather will change by 10 degrees and while going uphill, the winter unleashes its fury upon me and my vehicle.  At one point last year, myself and Jaime took the drive and wound up in the worst storm all year on the Kanc.  Plowtrucks seemed to be having a hard time keeping up.  It was quite a bummer, since I had just got a new ultra wide lens perfect for my landscapes.

So those that are interested, more information about the calendar will be coming soon enough.  Proceeds will be helping liberty community charities in New Hampshire.  You can feel good about helping yourself as well, since the photos I feature will be stunning examples of life in the Shire!

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One Response to What do you think? 4 Season or Summer all year?

  1. shoppix says:

    those are likely same people who pack up once the sun gets just below the horizon! Would never think about shooting if raining!

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