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usually my homebase is here in the Shire.  From where I am within 2 hours I can be at the ocean, at a large lake, a small pond, the white mountains, the Vermont line, and the Massachusetts line.

But I wanted to start a list of places I need to go in my travels.  Documented here in order to not only share my hopes with others but to be a reminder to myself and therefore a motivator.

– Amelia Island, Florida, United States:   I’ve been here before, spanish style mission homes, mansions, a beautiful downtown Fernandina Beach.   The last time I was there, was a vacation.  Low levels of photography except during the golden hours, should probably be expanded to all of this beautiful island.

-Tampa/Clearwater, Florida, United States:  I’ve also been here before, but only during the long daylight hours.  I would love to get nightshots.  This trip is dependent on the notion that somehow the beach would be clean, clear, crystal blue waters and beautiful birds.  With the continuing oil spill, I can’t say that this trip would be anytime soon.

-Mount Washington Observatory, New Hampshire, United States:  I want to photograph the views from not only early morning (which happens every so often) but also during the harsh winters.  I want to get that shot of the icicles freezing sideways.  It won’t be a long trip, but it will be sure worth it.

-Deadwood, Black Hills, South Dakota, United States:  I want to get main street shots, of the thorofare, and some shots at the grave of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.  This town once operated outside of the jurisdiction of the United States until outside forces wished it to be annexed.

plenty more to come!

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