What Is Shire Photography?

seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it? Obviously I’m an amateur photographer, who takes photographs. From the name, it seems as if I take pictures of something called “the Shire”.

Pretty much isn’t it. Thank you all for coming. As I write on in this first blog post I have to think about what Shire Photography might mean to ME. It means a heckuva lot more to me than it does to most people.

To me, this is a company, a private owned private extension of my hobby, my dreams, and my vision. All my life I’ve been searching for an outlet. My parents helped me with the first steps of where I am now, not only with providing the essentials such as love, a roof over my head, rides to work, food in my stomach, but also with helping me teach myself. I was a great student up until sixth grade, when I dropped off. I remember not caring about the subjects I was being taught. Why would I care about Shakesphere’s plays if I haven’t already shown an interest in such things? How has calculus helped me in my daily life. I don’t honestly know. What I do know is that I attended many art classes on my parent’s dime. From clay, to drawing, to charcoal, to general arts classes all the way up to summer courses at the local community college. Around sixth grade, I lost my motivation. Call it whatever you want to: depression, lack of work ethic, laziness. . .I was not proud of the work I was doing. Moreso, every peice of art I created I thought was junk. This can be very de-motivational. Even into my short time in community college, I couldn’t stand the institutionalized manner in which to teach art. These people might have been good artists, but they were hardly good teachers.

Then we have that photography class. With its restrictions on types of cameras, style of film, and the teacher’s love for the abstract it became quite lame to even be in his class. Unlike other classes, I actually went, that is until the teacher removed me because he had been marking me absent since he couldn’t figure out my name.

Flash forward. I’d worked for Wendy’s for years, hated it and failed. Worked for a few other companies who treated me as an inferior, a stupid laborer. I know something has to change.

I want to be myself, work for myself, eat or starve based on my own amount of work. I needed a job where I could keep the money I earned without having to fill out forms to send money to help others pay for their wars. About two years ago now, I bought a videocamera with a <1 megapixel camera feature. I got some great shots.

The juices start to flow. I was getting up early, not just to go to work, but to get out there and get some shots. A year later I had a Canon XSI which I still use. A year later from that I got a 10-22mm lens for wide angle shots.

and here we are now. The effort has returned. I've created my own website, joined photography social groups, became a bit of an activist for free speech, started a small business selling artwork and services, business cards, home office, and backup systems.

I am a photographer now. No matter what else I might do, I call myself a photographer.

The "Shire" is New Hampshire to most people. To me, it's where I freely travel. I dislike political designations for many reasons, borders are imaginary lines in the sand. The Shire, to me, is wherever I decide to go. Some people separate the land area known as "New Hampshire" and "the Shire" the difference being the first is an unfree land controlled by the majority while "the Shire" is the land of freedom.

Free to travel, to take photos, to be one with the world, to get in tune with nature. The Shire is beauty. The Shire is life. The Shire, is one of my loves.

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